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AI irruption in the programming world

  • AI irruption in the programming world

26 Oct 2023

 Fifteen years ago, when finishing writing some complex code, I used to think, "Okay, let's run it so I can at least correct the typing errors, distractions, etc." It was sometimes a complicated task. Code editing applications barely used colors to differentiate functions from variables. One would even write simple code and test it before moving on. Just in case we were carrying a simple error that could later become a real problem to find.

In the last five years, editing applications made a significant leap. They started to understand the code one was writing, highlighting commands even better based on their function. It was during this time that I finally abandoned the old RapidPHP and definitively switched to PHPstorm.

And it was then, by the beginning of 2022, when code editing took an exponential leap, and Copilot from Github arrived. And nothing was the same anymore. With Copilot, typing errors, forgetfulness, and even repetitive (or boring) pieces of code came to an end.

There's a meme out there that says, "AI will never be able to understand the client like a developer does, so we're safe." The reality is that AI (both Copilot and ChatGPT) has boosted programming work to an incredible level. And sometimes, one even learns from Copilot. More than once, I've said to myself, "oh, it's true, I didn't remember that this could be done this way."

So, dear colleagues, don't be afraid, and embrace Copilot! It's an indispensable tool.