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Home office 2023

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25 Oct 2023

Personally, I started providing web programming and consulting services since 2002. In other words, a few years before the pandemic :-), so when the time came to stay at home working, absolutely nothing changed in my life. Home office or teleworking was already something integrated into the family environment. It's worth mentioning that my wife has also been doing the same for many years. However, as it may have happened to many programmers post-pandemic, the adaptation was tough. It's not the same to work in an office without interruptions as it is with 5 to 8-year-old kids running around the house. But it's also not the same to have to wake up early and lose daily hours in commuting, as it is to wake up late and sit at home with the laptop in pajamas.

However, since not all households are the same (it's not the same to have a peaceful house in a gated neighborhood on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, as it is to have a two-room apartment on the first floor of a central avenue) and not all offices are the same (a private office in a remote location from the city center, as opposed to a 30-programmer beehive crammed on one floor), there are still some advantages and disadvantages.

Throughout these 20 years of home office, here are some pros and cons of both modalities:

Pros of home office:

  • Flexible hours
  • You can work at the time of day or night you prefer
  • Sick days are much more manageable
  • Incredible savings on transportation and food

Cons of home office:

  • Sometimes, the hours are too flexible!
  • It's hard to set a boundary to end the day with family
  • Young children and sometimes household matters make continuity difficult. There are more interruptions

You can imagine that my choice continues to be and will continue to be working from home. The kids are already older, although going back and forth to school is still a topic. Ideally, with a driver, maid, nanny, and cook, I would be the perfect programmer!"