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Windows vs Linux

26 Jan 2024

Notice: this article has been published by Faizan Afzal at Linkedin.

Choosing the right operating system is like picking the perfect pair of shoes - it's all about the fit for your journey!...
Lampminds adquiere XPChost

05 Jan 2024

 As a result of an acquisition at the end of 2023, from 2024 Lampminds will manage the client portfolio of XPChost, a hosting company based on the Canadian west coast.

Thus, Lampminds...
La irrupción de la inteligencia artificial en el mundo de la programación

26 Oct 2023

 Fifteen years ago, when finishing writing some complex code, I used to think, "Okay, let's run it so I can at least correct the typing errors, distractions, etc." It was sometimes a...